Hope This Works…

I am trying to go around FB and instagram blocking my lifestyle blog. And knowing them, they won’t be resolving that anytime soon. So I am using my other blogs to get thru.

Maybe it’s not too bad to be cross-blogging anyway. What the heck, right?

These are trying times we live in right now. COVID-19 is a cruel beast. People and countries, on lockdowns and quarantines. Social distancing is the norm. People being selfish and hoarding supplies leaving others with none. Businesses losing money, workers losing salaries, worse, losing their jobs. The worst of all, people are dying.

I am praying that soon this will all be over. That a vaccine can be produced immediately – that there will be no more deaths, most specially the older and already sick people. That businesses will pick up and employees will go back to work and get fully paid. That the ugly madness of people will stop and we can all hug each other without fear once more.

This will happen. I am positive it will happen. For now, I might just have to look at my happier times of a just recent trip to the Philippines. I hope when you read my blog entry, you, too, could, just for a minute, be taken to your happier time.

Let us all stay safe and obedient to authorities. We will survive this, my lovies…

My friends and I going around Divisoria – February, 2020.

Click on the photo to read about our Trip to (the Clean) Divisoria.